“Visualize it.  Want it more than anything.”  

“You are unique in all God’s creations.  Nothing can replace you.”

“Zero in on your target and go for it.”

-Danny Dietz


Danny's words serve as our guidance but without the support of our donors, volunteers and supporters we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Whether it’s providing a donation, participating at our events, working to improve standards of care and treatment of vets and to give a better future to young men in women interested in the armed forces, we rely entirely on the donations of people like you.

Please take a moment to think how you can support us.  You might simply want to make a donation now or give back when you shop. Maybe you’d prefer to give an amount on a regular basis. Or you might choose to have fun with some friends and host an event.

Perhaps you work for a company which has a charity of the year or already makes grants to causes supported by its employees. Maybe your employer allows you to make tax-effective donations through payroll giving.  You might be a member of a golf club or any other group in the community which raises money for charity.  Or if you have children of school age, you could suggest the Danny Dietz Memorial Fund as a charity the school might support.

If you’re acting in a professional capacity, we’d love to talk to you about how we might work with your business, to work for the good of both of us.

We always need more volunteers, to help us with awareness, events, and fundraising.

Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that your support makes a huge difference to our cause.

Our commitment to you is that any money you give to Steps will be managed sensibly and responsibly.  When we spend that money, we will do so carefully and in ways that we genuinely believe have the biggest impact on our mission.   And at all times, we try to keep our own costs to as low as we can, with the charity’s best interests at heart. Always Mission First!


On behalf of everyone at the Danny Dietz Memorial Fund and the students along with the causes we support, “Thank You!”

Danny Dietz Memorial Fund